Meet The Client

After three decades of excellence in sales and passion for customer service Isabella Rossi had decided to utilise those skills and experience in the energy and utilities market and founded Quote Utilities.

For residential customers they bundle all your home services into one, simple, bill – because they believe that when you’re not worrying about price comparisons, lost passwords and piles of paperwork, you can get on with the things that really matter in life.

For business clients, their established commercial energy partners are recognised in the industry as ‘Premier’ Brokers. Together they provide an independent, whole of market energy consultancy, offering competitive procurement for any SME, Mid-Market and Corporate businesses.

Along with a supporting Client Services team, they ensure expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry and are able to offer a fully consultative and advisory service.

The Brief

Quote Utilities were looking for a simple website that they could use to promote their offering to prospective clients through word of mouth as well as to bring in new enquiries.

The website would be developed to enable the client to develop and update the content through a CMS (Content Management System) and would be scaleable to enable them to incorporate other features and services within it in the future if required. For the initial website launch we agreed to assist with the initial content creation whilst the client would seek to further develop and add to this as required.

They were also looking to develop a clean, simple brand that would convey the ethos of the way in which their energy is primarily sourced from renewable energy.


Graphic Design, Website Design


Web, Graphic Design


During our discovery discussions with Quote Utilities one of the things that came across the most was their focus on delivering value and great customer service. Developing a content strategy for them focusing on building trust and a perception of a professional yet friendly approach was crucial to the ethos of the company.

As part of this we developed the concept of Quote Utilities providing customers with their own Personal Utilities Concierge.

After saving money with our utilities and services partner with the simplicity of one bill, one password, and one customer service number, I joined as a Business Partner.

Saving customers money and providing a personal, concierge style services for them in the last few years. At Quote Utilities we are focused on helping people save to money and are not focused on selling products – a bonus to us and a relief to you!

We love delivering excellence in  customer service ensuring that our customers make the most of their cashback card, bundling all their utilities on one bill.

Isabella Rossi, Founder of Quote Utilities

Concepts & Visuals

Isabella was delighted with the concepts that we presented and we swiftly moved forward to developing the website and brand for her so that she could establish an online presence for her new and growing business. Further to this we also created an initial animated promo for her to use on various social media platforms which you can see above.

The Result

Thank you so much for looking out for me on this project, really appreciate all of the hard work and delighted with the result. Will recommend you without hesitation.

Isabella Rossi, Quote Utilities

With a short time-scale we were able to develop an online presence to enable Quote Utilities for prospective and existing customers to visit and discover more about the company and its services. The company was delighted with the result and now have a clear and impactful brand to use as part of their future growth strategy.

The result – a timeless brand for a timeless, natural product. A product that sold out in just a few weeks!