Meet The Client

Defy were approach by Cove to develop the website for their recruitment agency. Operating nationally, Cove are specialist recruiters with a strong presence across South Wales and the West, recruiting the very best talent across the UK and Europe for the Private, Public, and Non-Profit sectors.

Focused on talent acquisition as a philosophy, their belief is that while recruiting might deliver on the short-term hiring needs of a company, the art of talent acquisition is focused on the long-term goals in terms of HR strategy of an organisation.

They specialise in identifying, recruiting, and connecting extraordinary individuals throughout the UK and Europe for positions in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

Their experience includes working with leading Manufacturers, SMEs, Blue chip organisations, Risk strategy consultants, Start-ups, Boutique businesses, Vendors, & Global CROs.

The Brief

Whilst highly experienced in the field of recruitment, Cove’s founder’s were Establishing a new business in a highly competitive market. They knew they needed something to convey their sense of spirit with the quality of the service that they offer within a highly featured website that would not only help them to stand out but would also be key part of their marketing and operational process.


UI/UX Design, Web Development, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Branding, Animation, SEO


Brand, Content, Marketing

Research & Discovery

Cove had already established their core branding and we knew that we could develop this further to convey their sense of fun, what drives them to deliver success for their clients and also to engage their prospective audiences – both employers seeking talent and talent seeking new challenges. Meeting with the founder Kimberley, we spent time engaging through our research and discovery session to understand how their future website and the first touch-point for many would deliver in terms of educating, driving applications, developing brand loyalty and showcasing the company.

Concepts & Visuals

We used the concept and visual stage to show how we could develop the brand further, with wire-frames of layouts with sample content that was on-brand showcasing a variety of page layouts to be used across the site to build an engaging online presence where visitors could learn all about their services, their ethos and directly apply for roles. Shaping a consistent feel and user journey for the overall experience is crucial to building trust in the brand.

After all, an engaged audience is one that trusts you as an authority which means that they respect your opinion, and seek your advice. All areas that are key for a professional organisation focused on securing the best talent for their clients.

The Result

Established in 2017, Cove Recruitment is a specialist talent agency that identifies, recruits, and connects extraordinary individuals throughout the UK and Europe for positions in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

Staying true to their brand and colours, Defy created a bright, bold and professional website showcasing Cove Recruitment’s services and culture.

Incorporating a full job-board management system that was custom linked to their CRM to reduce duplicate entry of job information and simplified the process of posting roles across multiple job sites in addition to their own.

Extensive research by Defy into the recruitment market allowed us to craft over 40 pages of content including both copyrighting as well as visual design in line with our further development of both their brand in addition to Defy shaping their tone of voice.

Helping to convey their sense of fun our team also created a series of bespoke animated idents in line with their coastal vibes.

The result – a website that is attractive, unique, functional, engaging and instantly recognisable as Cove Recruitment.