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Working across Cardiff and Newport in South Wales

Defy is a Digital Marketing Agency based in South Wales near Cardiff and Newport providing you with a way to maximise your web presence and assist with your growth strategy.

The process of planning your online presence can be all consuming and at times daunting, this is where we step with over 40 years combined experience with our team of experts in design, marketing, strategy, web design and more.

Finding Your Brand Online

To achieve the best results and for people to find your new website you need to build it designed for effective search engine placement, engaging in paid online advertising and keeping social media in mind.

Using the right search terms and on the right platforms, by identifying the right people via social can help you to achieve this.

Converting Visitors

Making your website visible is only half the battle. Other agencies might stop there, but we don’t. You need to make sure that your website converts as many visitors as possible into paying customers. This is where we step in.

Doing It All With Experts

We can cover it all for you – whether its technical SEO, general search engine optimisation, email campaigns, press coverage, social media campaigns right down to a full digital marketing strategy. This is achieved with our team of award-winning expert working together to curate and execute your business’s marketing and digital road-map.

Cutting the Jargon

What is more we do this in as jargon-free a way as possible, our ethos is to take you on the journey with us

In today’s digital savvy world, how do you stand out from the crowd, identify with clients’ aspirations and needs, and build an enthusiastic customer base?

Extending your advertising into the digital domain requires a targeted digital strategy to grow your customer reach. While digital opens up new ways to engage with customers it also covers aspects of technology to deliver the best possible experience.

DEFY creates a strong digital strategy for your project, leveraging digital channels such as search engines, social media, online ads, email and websites, to connect with and encourage action from prospective customers – with the core aim of maximising leads and enhancing the customers journey to sale.

With a strong digital strategy you can engage, activate and capture leads 24/7.

Your Goals

when you need to :

digital marketing

Digital marketing is the next frontier of engaging with customers. Its capabilities are ever growing in sophistication and enable you to deliver content to your potential customers that is both personalised and relevant.

Digital marketing enables you to gain quality leads using targeted campaigns that deliver great returns on investment. The widespread adoption of smartphones and online search has seen customer behaviour and the customer journey transform across all ages groups and product categories.

A good digital content marketing strategy delivers a frictionless experience providing valuable content to your customers and nurtures the customer relationship with your brand – one of the keys to driving sales. By incorporating social platforms, mobile technologies, analytics and big data, DEFY can provide insights into customer needs and behaviours to optimise the next step in the sales journey.

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When we create websites our tech team look after the nuts and bolts, but the front end is designed by experienced graphic designers, and the copy is written by copywriters – not developers. It’s just another aspect of keeping your brand message consistent.

Our clients have the flexibility to self-manage their content or leave it to us. From small websites to large online cart needs, to lead generation interfacing with CRMs, we build in search optimisation, targeted keywords and tracking mechanisms to generate stable, responsive and easy to find websites.

search engine optimisation (seo)

Without a strong online presence, your brand may be invisible to a large number of potential leads.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is used to increase the amount of visitors to your website, and more online visitors presents more potential leads for sales. At DEFY we use a combination of SEO methods to grow your brand visibility online, improve your website’s performance and increase your organic rankings in the search results of a search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. DEFY integrate a strong SEO strategy into your marketing mix to launch your brand to new heights.

online advertising

With ever-increasing popularity, online advertising is a captivating ingredient to bring to the campaign mix. DEFY create custom AdWord campaigns using Display Network banner style ads on a broad range of websites and the Search Results Network to drive traffic to your website.

We design campaigns to incorporate a comprehensive list of targeted variables including regions, audience demographics, niche keywords and site placements.

e-mail campaigns

DEFY integrate EDMs into marketing initiatives as an efficient way to communicate to your prospect database what’s new at your business or with your product / service, and keep your brand top of mind. Through a correctly targeted email campaign, trackable responses further qualify warm leads and provide real time data for responsive sales activity.

social media

The social media landscape is continually evolving, the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc can drive customer engagement, build brand loyalty and increase sales opportunities.

As we move into this new era, engaging with your audience online becomes a crucial factor in your marketing strategy. DEFY know how to engage your target market with your brand across a range of social media platforms with creative and innovative strategies.

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