Fire up the Quattro, lets start up this start-up!

Welcome to DEFY!

Following the last 12 years starting up three businesses from scratch, turning over a combined £6.75m during that time I decided it was time to pursue my passions in Marketing, Strategy and Design.

I also wanted to create something that would really make a difference to the businesses I was going to work with, to allow them to benefit from my experience, from the pain that I had been through launching start-ups and to help them not only grow their business but to avoid some of the stress and pitfalls.

This is just a part of my USP, that I have been there and done it, that I have worn not one, not two but virtually every ‘hat’ you could wear in terms of business operations. That I have sacrificed (often too much – but have learned the beauty of balance) to build; obsessing over every little detail, stubbornly immersing myself in learning so much from scratch being somewhat of one-man band. Yet also bathing in the embrace and relief of  delegation, to trust, develop & empower the team that you have.

This experience, understanding and energy can be shared and applied to my clients organisations.

With all of this in mind, it is time to launch DEFY.

For those of you that don’t know, ‘Fire up the Quattro” is a catchphrase from Ashes to Ashes, a BBC Television series

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